Catalogs and brochures

Gfitness represents more than 60 brands. Here you will find all the catalogues and brochures of the manufacturers we represent, available for download (all catalogues are in Pdf format).




Assault Fitness Brochures

Assault Fitness Elite 2022 Assault Fitness Pro 2022


Airex Brochure

Airex Brochure Airex Product Catalog 2024


Bosu Brochure

Bosu Balance Training 2022


BoBo Brochure

BoBo Pro2.0 2022


Blazepod Brochures

Blazepod App&Pods 2022


C+P Brochures

The Catalog 2023 Fitness and Spa Facilities 2022 Prefino Catalog 2016 Evolo Catalog 2021 Cambio Catalog 2016 Resisto Catalog 2014


Concept2 Brochure

Concept2 Product Catalog 2022


Escape Brochures

 Escape for Home 2021 Escape Your Limits 2024


Eleiko Brochure

Eleiko Product Catalog 2022 Tactical Performance Strength Solutions 2023


Exxentric Brochure

Exxentric Product Catalog 2022


Fit Interiors Brochures

Product Book 2022 Portfolio 2022 Pedrali 2022 Swatch Book 2022 Fit Interiors Spaces Magazine 2023 Fit Interiors Spaces magazine 2022 Fit Interiors Spaces magazine 2024 Fit Interiors The Human Company Fit Interiors The Line Book Fit Interiors The Swatch Book


Gantner Brochures

Gantner Fitness Clubs Solutions 2023 Gantner Locking Solutions 2019 Gantner Leisure Facilities 2022 Gantner Electronic Access 2021 Gantner Corporate Smart Locker 2022


Harbinger Brochure

Harbinger Product Catalog 2023


HydroMassage Brochures

HydroMassage Lounge 440X 2021 HydroMassage Product Catalog 2021 HydroMassage RelaxSpace 2021


InMovement Brochure

InMovement Workplace 2022


IVE outdoor Brochure

IVE Outdoor Equipment 2022


Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) Catalog

ICG Catalog 2024    





Life Fitness Brochures

GSA Product Catalog 2024 Life Fitness Product Catalog 2024 Hammer Strength Product Catalog 2024 Life Fitness - Home Fitness 2022 Life Fitness Hospitality Brochure 2021 Life Fitness Symbio Brochure 2024 Aspire Cardio + SE4 2023 Gymspiration Ebook 2022 LFX Packages Brochure 2023 Maximizing Your Indoor Cycling Experience 2023 LF_Color_Chart


LifeSpan Brochures

LifeSpan Product Catalog 2021 LifeSpan Workplace 2021


Merrithew Brochure

Merrithew Equipment & Accessories Catalog 2023


Myzone Brochures

Myzone Product Comparison Guide 2021 Myzone for Clubs 2021 Myzone Product Catalog 2021


MF-Sport Brochure

MF-Sport Premium Sports Equipment 2022


Pavigym Brochures

Pavigym Product Catalog 2022 Pavigym BigJag Catalog 2022 Pavigym physiotherapy flooring


Polar Brochure

Polar Product Catalog 2022


RockTape Brochure

RockTape Kinesiology Tape 2022


SKLZ Brochure

SKLZ Product Catalog 2022


TRX Brochure

TRX Product Catalog 2022


THERABODY Product Catalog

THERABODY Product Catalog 2024


Togu Brochures

Togu Product Catalog 2021 Togu for Kids 2021


Torque Fitness Brochure

Torque Fitness 2022


TriggerPoint Brochure

TriggerPoint Product Catalog 2022


Woodway Brochures

Woodway Fitness&Performance 2021 Woodway Medical 2021


Xenios Brochure

Xenios Product Catalog 2022


Ybell Brochure

Ybell Product Catalog 2022