GoGo Hervanta

GoGo Hervanta

GOGO Hervanta's full-service fitness centre is located next to Lake Ahvenisjärvi, close to the railway line at Lindforsinkatu 9. The state-of-the-art gym is equipped with brand-new equipment and the centre has efficient air conditioning, atmospheric lighting and a very high quality sound system.

GOGO Hervanta not only has a great gym, but also a Body and Mind thermal room, a large and spacious group exercise room, Run Ride Rode concept and a spinning studio. 

The modern style and layout of the gym is guaranteed to impress clients. In addition, new motivating workout concepts will keep members coming back again and again.

The RunRideRow and Hammer Strength Box workouts are perfect for anyone looking for inspiration and motivation. These workouts are suitable for people of all abilities and will help you feel part of the community while increasing your fitness and strength levels.



Run Ride Row Glass Box for guided cardio training

Run Ride Row, or 3XR for short, is a concept designed to develop endurance and the ability to withstand high levels of exertion and heart rate. In a separate glass box, small guided groups work out on three different pieces of cardio equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines) in a workout that is guaranteed to leave no one cold! The different types of fun and challenging exercises create a team spirit and a sense of community. 3XR concept has been implemented in GOGO Hervanta for the first time in the world!




Hammer Strength Box classes for guided functional training

Suitable for experienced or beginner exercisers, the guided workouts develop strength, endurance and body control. Workouts are done in a "boutique" with workout stations including a technical grass mat "catwalk", racks for bars and kettlebells, cardio equipment, kettlebells, dumbbells and weight balls. The GOGO Hervanta Hammer Box is the first of its kind in Finland and the second in Europe.


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