Assault Fitness

Assault Fitness - Brand which is all about trainings over the limits, push your own boundaries and discover your own protentional. Assault Fitness are trying to encourage everyone to start their fitness journey and improve life and health through fitness. They are trying to strengthen, support, educate and inspire everyone from  professionals to even new comers with elite class exercise machines. 

Assault Fitness offers different kind of equipment, for example - exercise bikes, which are designed to push your own limits with resistance made by You. Then there are treadmills, which are manual, meaning faster you run, faster it goes. And they even have rowers in their catalogue. If you are interested in pushing your own limits and try to be fit as possible, then Assault Bikes are the products which we recommend.

Push your limits, wherever you are!

Assault Fitness Catalogs: can be found here

Founded By: LifeCORE Fitness      Headquarters: Carlsbad, USA      Brand: Founded in 1994


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